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Learn Intercession from an Intercessor!

The manual of intercession


Bishop Ajose at the tomb of King David at Israel

Bishop Dr. Theophilus Taiwo Ajose (Bishop Ajose) is a core prophetic/warfare intercessor,
prophet and apostle of over twenty (22) years full time in the intercessory ministry and calling.


The intercessory grace upon his life has seen him led territorial intercessions and intercession warfare for many nations and cities of the world, in the Middle East, Israel, Jordans, Asia, USA and Africa; for world leaders, church leaders, organizations and people as revealed and led by the Lord.

Bishop Ajose has been graced by the Lord to climb the holy Mount Sinai three (3) times and has gone on holy pilgrimage to Israel for apostolic intercession seven (7) times and still counting!

Intercession is the greatest work on the earth and as such, intercessors need and require proper and adequate training in order to show themselves “approved unto God.”

There is no better way to learn this except from an intercessor himself, who has spent over twenty (20) years in core intercessions to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who put him into ministry and has appeared to Bishop Ajose five (5) times in the last twenty (20) years and translated him to heaven at the first visit where the Lord showed him things unlawful for eyes to see and spoke to him things unlawful for ears to hear!
Welcome to the ministry of Intercession!!

Get your copy of this anointed, prestigious and practical manual of intercession with insights and training strategies for intercession you've not seen or heard from anywhere or anyone else!


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