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Political Theology: The Spirituality of OBJ’s Endorsement.

OBJ Endorsement
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Political Theology: The Spirituality of OBJ’s Endorsement.


Bishop Theophilus Taiwo Ajose, PhD

Prophetic/Warfare Intercessor.

January 5, 2023.;


“And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.” Daniel 2:21

The Nigeria nation and political space woke up in the first day of the year 2023 to receive what the media tagged “New Year Gift” from the person of the former “three-term” Head of State and President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, generally known as OBJ.

The “New Year Gift” from OBJ, a man who has enjoyed much uncommon grace and mercy of the Lord and has become an enigmatic and recurrent political decimal on the Nigeria political chess game, jolted partisan warlords out of their slumber and thus unfolded another narrative into the authority of OBJ to anoint or install “presidents” via open letters.

The political fallacy of the majority of our politicians is the fact that they are bereft of the knowledge of divine and redemptive purpose for which the Lord created Nigeria and are thus going from one political warlord to the other in order to assume political power of which only God, the Creator of heaven and earth can give.

However, it is very difficult for a man who has no spiritual insight of his destination in life to focus on the Lord for his journey; instead, such goes from pillar to post to seek or obtain affirmation, endorsement and confirmation from men.

Only those who truly understand their spiritual pathways on this earth can navigate successfully through the twists and turns of political and national leadership; to such people, the world gives the right-of-way naturally, irrespective of who is for or against them!

As in the words of the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius: “The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows where he is going.”

Most Nigeria’s politicians are political scalar quantities, especial the self-professed Christian politicians. They don’t seem to know where they are going and are thus moving from pillar to posts without heading towards the direction of that which will lead them to victories. They move from political campaigns to political rallies, and from one visit to royal fathers unto another visit to spiritual fathers.

The ignorance of our political elites makes them bereft of the knowledge of the Nigeria nation and its purpose in creation. Those who know little about Nigeria are the ones putting themselves forward for leadership of the nation. An evil and error under the sun! (Ecclesiastes10:5).

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance - Confucius

OBJ is a man who has had an experiential knowledge of grace and divine benevolence and has been elevated by divine providence to the level where his influence in any area or dimension of the nation is felt and well respected, and he is very conscious of this grace. He is very knowledgeable about the nations and its affairs but what he really needs is the enlightenment to know himself before the Lord of hosts. OBJ has to know that he’s a man and not God (Ez. 28:2) and should not allow political strugglers turn him or his farm into a pilgrimage ground.

When people reach a level in God, where God by His grace elevated them with His authority to be a “voice” for him on the earth or to accomplish a particular divine purpose, such people must not venerate themselves and uplift themselves to the level of God to whom all knees must bow!

A lot of people do not know how to cooperate with the grace of God upon their lives. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

The King of kings, in His mysterious mien and disposition, sometimes gives to a person kingdom, power, strength and glory (as prophet Daniel revealed to king Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2:37-38) but that does not mean that the Lord has abdicated His kingdom, power and glory to such a man!

To venerate such a man, so as to make him look like the one who changes the times and the seasons and who removes and sets up kings (Dan. 2:21), is the height of idolatry and of which those who engage in such may be displaced by the Lord from the throne upon which He has placed them (Dan.4:31).

The deep issues and matters arising concerning Nigeria is not known or discerned by majority of the political and partisan gladiators. The political narratives go beyond campaigns and rallies.

It goes beyond distributing bags of rice, money, food, constructing last-minute roads and all.

It is true that Nigerians have progressively gone down the drain of poverty, starvation, famine and erosion of self-esteem; most people below the age of forty years now have not really seen Nigeria in its past glories. It is a great shame and a greater sorrow to recall our time of joy in a time of wretchedness.

Nigeria - The Covenant Nation and the Battle of Covenants

The matters arising in our political clime goes beyond campaigns and rallies.

It goes beyond political parties or candidates.

It goes beyond the fight for natural resources or resource control.

It is not even a struggle between the geo-political zones or Muslims and Christians.

All these are covert distractions by the evil prince of Nigeria to hide the true evil agenda for the soul of Nigeria.

The mistake being made by most Christians and the spiritual leaders is that they are oblivious of the spiritual dept of the covenant dimension of Nigeria leadership and the divine destiny of Nigeria.

The battle on-going since Nigeria’s independence is the battle of covenants and altars!

It’s a battle for the very soul of Nigeria! A battle against the redemptive purpose of the Almighty God for the nation of Nigeria.

This is the main reason why spiritual neophytes who are oblivious of the spiritual battles on-going at the spiritual gate of Nigeria, and who are still being deceived by rallies, campaigns and endorsements, can never get to the seat of Nigeria rulership.

In fact, a covert mystery of such endorsements is the veiled rejection or sacrifice of such spiritual neophytes by the “covenant fathers” but ostensibly being supported to cover up the already decided fate of such ignorant candidates.

I had barely recovered from the shock of the “sealed revelations” from the Lord as I released the 2023 prophecy for Nigeria on December 28, 2022 (see Sunday Independent Newspaper, Jan. 1, 2023; Page 11) when this so called “New Year Gift” of OBJ stared the nation in the face!

If I had little hope of Peter Obi becoming the President before (I didn’t say contesting or winning the election), that hope was completely dashed by the New Year Gift of endorsement by OBJ!

What would have been the scenario if OBJ has endorsed Tinubu or Atiku instead of Obi? The question rather is, would OBJ have endorsed Bola Ahmed Tinubu or Abubakar Atiku?

The truth is, he would not and cannot endorse Tinubu or Atiku!

They belong to a different path of political covenant, and they have their spiritual oversight from their coven who will decide at the last minute the path each will go. However, whatever decision taken, Nigerians should pray against political and social events that may truncate democratic norms.

Only OBJ is qualified to do the job concerning Peter Obi. The Christian spiritual leaders are too fragmented and bereft of political authority to do it. Hence, OBJ, with his credentials, came as a natural leader in this regard.

This endorsement was too hidden plain in sight!!

There is a mystery unfolding before our very eyes, but most Christians are too emotional to see what’s hidden in plain sight!

The church agenda is not in their spirits as they traverse the political habitat of the nation campaigning and rallying in spiritual ignorance.

It is this very covert spiritual covenant “arrow” or operation that has made Governor Wike of Rivers State to lead a major Christian Bloc of five (5) Governors out of sync with his political party thus creating a major Christian vacuum for the enforcement of the Church agenda in a major political party and now, a foremost and promising “Christian” in the presidential race is now making himself to be hidden in plain sight for the perpetuation of the age-long covenant holding Nigeria’s destiny hostage!

At the very deepest depth and utmost height of spirituality, emotion has no place on the spiritual plane. Carnality is an enmity against God (Rom. 8:7)

The carnal minds cannot understand the things of the Spirit of Christ because they can only be spiritually discerned (Rom. 8:5-8)

This is the reason political warlords make their followers engage in rallies, endless but fruitless debates, social media polls and all. They don’t mind spending unlimited resources to make you detour from the journey of your destination.

The Press and the Media become the fertile grounds of the cultivation of political deceits and opposing narratives.


The Muslim-Muslim Ticket Mystery

The most toxic issue that should be carefully engaged in is the issue of the Muslim-Muslim Ticket; an issue which makes emotion to run high and which has separated best of friends and divided families!

However, the Muslim-Muslim ticket is a covenant mystery and a plot to further discourage the Church from political power via the major and well-established political parties.

The Muslim-Muslim Ticket is also a covert spiritual operation and agenda well hidden in plain sight and which the church fathers fail to see or discern; a plan so visible in a setting that marks presence, yet our prophets could not see or discern!

Of a truth it is written: “Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent?” Isaiah 42:19.

The Muslim-Muslim ticket, as insensitive as it is, represents another evil distraction of the enemy to keep the Church busy at nothing (!) while evil covenants and sacrifices are covertly being engaged to wrestle and control political power!

It does not matter their ethnic and religious affiliations or how many votes they garner at the elections, once the candidates are out of tune with any of the warring covenants, such a candidate becomes a political sacrifice!

Chief MKO Abiola of blessed memory readily comes to mind!

MKO contested 1993 Presidential election on a Muslim-Muslim ticket with Baba Gana Kingibe from the North-East as his running mate, yet he did not become a President.

MKO, a man who was unarguably the number two Muslim in Nigeria then, as the Vice President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic affairs (NSCIA, established in 1974); and a man who recorded and gathered national electoral votes more than any other politician of his time and was head up at all the geo-political zones of the country in the election results; yet he did not rule though he won the election!

When NEC (National Electoral Commission) began announcing the first batch of election results on 14 June 1993, Abiola won 19 out of 30 states, and the Federal Capital Territory.

He won all the states of the south-west; three of the seven states in the south-east; five of the nine northern states including Kano, Tofa's state; and four out of the seven states in the central middle belt.

Of the 6.6 million votes that had been announced, Abiola had received 4.3 million and Tofa, 2.3 million.

According to African Elections Database, MKO Abiola (SDP) won the undeclared election with 8,341,309 (58.36%) to defeat his rival, Bashir Tofar (NRC) who garnered 5,952,087 (41.64%)

He who dines with the devil must be ready to receive the occasional jabs that come from his elbow.

Nothing about Nigerian leadership is about electoral votes. Nothing about Nigerian elections is based on religion. The results of most Nigerian elections have been decided before the actual elections.

At the core of Nigeria elections is spiritual and covenant engagement.

If true Christians must take up the mantle of leadership in Nigeria, they have to go all out to enforce divine covenant and be ready to rely on God hundred percent, not one leg in the “Law” and another in “Grace”!

A lot of genuine Christians and Christian leaders are deceived by politicians who bear Christian names, and they take them as true representatives of the Church when, in actual fact, they did not get to the political turf or won their mandates through the Church.

A Christian name does not make a Christian! Church attendance does not make a believer or disciple!

The culpable silence of the Church and religious fathers and leaders at the critical pivot on the political scale of the Nigeria polity goes to show how much our spiritual leaders have surrendered to the evil covenants overlaying the spiritual space of Nigeria.

The sorry state of Nigeria is the Church spiritual leaders and fathers who will rather take their seats in their empires and cathedrals rather than at the spiritual gate of Nigeria.

They would rather show their influence over Nigeria via their private jets and limousines than with the spiritual authority of Elijah, Deborah, Esther, Daniel, Elisha and Moses!

We bless the Lord for the intercessors and spiritual gate watchers who are sill crying day and night unto God and giving Him no rest until he establishes and until he makes Nigeria a praise on the earth!! (Isaiah 62:6-7)

“The framer of our constitution meant we have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”- Billy Graham

Those who claim that politics is a dirty game and would not want to get involve in “dirty politics” are the first to celebrate “dirty politicians” in their churches and cathedrals, giving them prime seats at the church altars where even the most consecrated of their church members or disciples could not seat or enter.

They turn them into special guests of honor at church conventions, congresses and anniversaries, yet during political campaigns and party membership drives, they turn their members into political neophytes and dummies, forbidding them from going into politics.

The idea that religion and politics don’t mix was inserted by the devil to keep Christians from running their own country - Jerry Falwell

In as much as Peter Obi of the Labour Party has all it takes to be the President of Nigeria like all the other candidates, it is imperative to know that no man needs the permission, validation or endorsement of other mortals to rule over a nation created by the Almighty God. God is still God!

The Almighty God does not have a Special Adviser or anyone to rule on His behalf on the earth (“who has ever directed the Spirit of God or as His counselor taught him?” - Isaiah 40:13-14)

He’s the eternal King. All the nations of earth are as nothing before Him and all the rulers of the earth are like a drop of water in the palm of His hands. To him be praise, adoration, and dominion, forever and ever!

Thank You, Jesus Christ! MARANATHA!

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